SERIALST Web Page Birdie MacLennan 02 Aug 1995 18:21 UTC

I'm pleased to announce the availability of a new Web page for SERIALST.
The URL is:


The SERIALST Web page is essentially an HTML mark up of the SERIALST
Scope and Purpose (including fileserver information, selected command
options, et al.) document.

Those of you who have seen the ASCII version of the SERIALST Scope
and Purpose (a.k.a. as the Welcome file, which is sent out to new
subscribers and posted to the list irregularly), know that it is a
lengthy file and not easily read in one sitting.  The new web version
of the file offers many new features -- hopefully ones that will make
for more interesting reading and viewing, as well as some serendipitous
browsing.  Some of the new features include:

     * A Table of Contents with "hot" links to each section of the document
       and links back to the Table of Contents.

     * Direct links to documents available on SERIALST's fileserver.

     * Direct link to the WAIS-indexed SERIALST archives on the Univ of
       Vermont gopher (includes search features for WAIS searching).  Those
       of you who provide direct links to SERIALST's WAIS index may want
       to check out section 5.2 and possibly change your link to be
       able to retrieve search instructions, as well as the direct link).

     * Table displays (for graphic browsers) to better organize various
       command and/or search function instructions.

     * "Mailto" links to the moderators (for more info. or to send comments)

The SERIALST Web page was tested with Netscape, Mosaic and Lynx browsers.
Netscape is recommended for optimal viewing.

Special thanks to Ann Ercelawn, Vanderbilt, for her comments and suggestions
in the development of this page.

It is hoped that this new service will facilitate and enhance access
to information about SERIALST -- and to SERIALST Itself (via the archive
information and link).

Enjoy!  (and feel free to link from your local WWW connections(s) ....)

    Birdie MacLennan
    SERIALST Listowner/Moderator
    University of Vermont