Serials Control Management Software (Eileen Goodell) Marcia Tuttle 18 Aug 1995 14:58 UTC

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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 1995 10:55:21 EDT
From: Eileen Goodell <goodelle@RL.AF.MIL>

     I want to thank everyone for the replies to my question about
Serial Control Management Software, they were greatly appreciated.
Some of you expressed the desire for me to post the results of my
inquiry to the list so here there are.
     The suggestions from other librarians were as follows:
Serials Control System from Professional Software in New Jersey (two
people said they loved it),  a serial module from Data Trek Inc.
(1800-876-5484),  EC2 Electronic Serials Control System,  Micro Linx
from Faxon,  Inmagic Program,   REMO from Readmore Vendor,   and SC350
from Ameritech.

Eileen Goodell
Rome Laboratory Technical Library
"The Dreamer Dies, But Never Dies The Dream"