_Flight International_ misnumbering (Bill Benson) Ann Ercelawn 23 Aug 1995 18:59 UTC

Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 13:36:02 -0400
From: Bill Benson <bensonwo@WL.WPAFB.AF.MIL>
Subject: Mom, he's done it again!

Yes folks, Flight International has once again misnumbered their magazine.

Both the 16-22 August and the 23-29 August issues have
"Number 4485 Volume 148" on their innards.

I plan to check the 23-29 issue in as V. 148, no. 4486 ("4485").

Wonder why they keep messing it up?  VENDORS, please let the publisher
know they goofed.  You might remind them that many of us toss duplicates,
which is what these look like unless you check your shelves!


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