Die Sozialistische Genossenschatt - Reply Judy Salk 04 Dec 1995 22:52 UTC

"Randi L. Ashton-Pritting" <pritting@UHAVAX.HARTFORD.EDU> wrote:

I hope someone might be able to help in my search for:
    "Die Sozialistische Genossenschatt"
I have checked all the regular sources and some odd ball ones. Our
patron is willing to travel almost anywhere to obtain this item.  They have
even made arrangements if the item is only available abroad. Does
anybody have a clue or an idea?

The title should probably be "Die sozialistische Genossenschaft" (not
Genossenschatt).  Since this title is not listed in the Ulrich's database and
no where else I looked, I asked a colleague at K.G. Saur in Munich to
research the title.  He came up empty---even after searching sources
from the former East Germany.  He postulates that perhaps the title was
published prior to WW II.

[Judy Salk <jsalk@REEDREF.COM>]