Call for Presenters, UCSB Library Conference, April 1996 Andrea Duda 04 Dec 1995 23:36 UTC

                     The Librarians Association
          of the University of California, Santa Barbara
                  the Friends of the UCSB Library

                         UNTANGLING THE WEB
                           April 26, 1996
                      University Center, UCSB


We invite you to submit a proposal for a paper, panel, discussion group,
workshop, or poster session.

Untangling the Web will focus on the world wide web and libraries.
Presentations may include topics such as issues
 ....publishing on the web
 ......reference services and the web
 ........cooperative web development
 ..........cataloging web resources
 ............censorship of web resources

                        ....government information
                        ......evaluating web resources
                        ........robots and the web
                        ..........instruction in web use
                        ............providing web access in libraries

Please don't feel limited by this list! We look forward to your creativity
in selecting a format and topic for your presentation.


Individual presentations may be either 30 minutes or one hour in length.
Group presentations may be one or two hours in length. All presentations
should allow approximately one-third of the scheduled time for questions
and discussion.

Workshops may be one or two hours in length. The library's computerized
classroom equipped with 24 Windows PCs, projector, and Internet
connections,  will be available for hands-on workshops.

Poster sessions will be presented during a one-hour period at the end
of the day. Bulletin board space (4' by 6') and tables will be provided
for posters and handouts. No Internet or electrical connections will be
available for the poster sessions.


Please provide the following information:

   1. Title of Presentation
   2. Full name(s) of all presenters
   3. Institutional affiliation(s)
   4. Individuals' job title(s)
   5. Full surface mail address(es)
   6. Phone number(s)
   7. FAX number(s)
   8. E-mail address(es)

The abstract should run between 100 and 500 words in length, outlining
or summarizing the proposed presentation's content and format. Please be
as specific as possible about the nature, scope, and intended audience
of your proposal.

In a separate paragraph specify the amount of time required for your
presentation and any special equipment needs, including electrical
requirements. All rooms will have overhead projectors, screens, and


Proposals may be submitted by:

 FAX         805/893-8620


 Mail        Rosemary Meszaros
             Davidson Library
             University of California
             Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9010

Decisions will be made by the conference planning committee and
participants will be notified after February 2, 1996.

Copies of papers to be presented must be submitted by April 5, 1996 and
will be published on the world wide web shortly after the conference.
Instructions to authors will be provided.

Untangling the Web presenters will receive an honorarium and will have the
conference registration fee waived. Travel, lodging, and meals are the
responsibility of the individual.

As it becomes available, information about the conference will be provided
on InfoSurf, the UCSB Library Web:

For more information contact one of the conference planning committee

         Rosemary Meszaros, Chair       805/893-2647
         Stella Bentley                 805/893-3265
         Andrea Duda                    805/893-2762

                                Andrea L. Duda
                    Networked Information Access Coordinator
                               Davidson Library
                    University of California, Santa Barbara