Gordon & Breach service charges Virginia Taffurelli 07 Dec 1995 19:33 UTC

For quite some time now, I have been reading the comments discussed on this
list re: G & B publications.  To date, noone has addressed my particular

Has anyone noticed the service charge for G & B titles?  We previously
subscribed to these titles through our vendor so the service charges were
hidden.  For the 1994 subscription year, however, G & B notified subscribers
that renewals and claims had to be processed through STBS.  Upon receiving
the renewal invoices, I noted that there was a $40 service charge for each
title with the exception of one.  The service charge for Early Child
Development and Care was $400, $40 for each of its 10 volumes per year.
EACH ISSUE of this title, which ranges from 90-275 pages, is designated a

There may be other G & B titles that designate each issue as a volume, but
this is the only one of which I am aware.  I thought this might be of interest
to other subscribers of SERIALST.

Virginia Taffurelli
BROOKLYN NY  11210-2889