Re. Gordon & Breach service charges Peter Churcher 08 Dec 1995 21:38 UTC

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Subject:      Response to Virginia Taffurelli

The "service charge" to which you refer covers the costs of handling
including lettershopping, shipping costs for journals that are produced in
various parts of the world and airmail. The service charge is not "hidden".
 It is stated quite clearly in our price list.

Regarding the notice that renewals and claims should go to STBS. This notice
only went to Faxon customers and only applied during the relatively short
period Faxon ceased to be a recognized vendor of GB titles. Subsequently,
Faxon/Dawson was reinstated as a recognized vendor, IPD replaced STBS as the
GB distributor, and IPD now is happily servicing subscribers through


Peter Churcher
International Publishers Distributor