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>From January 1996, Nucleic Acids Research will formally launch its online
edition, NAR Online.

All 1996 subscribers to NAR will be able to access NAR Online at no additional
charge, for the whole of 1996. If this includes you, here are the advantages
that online access to NAR will bring you:-

* An e-mail current awareness service, giving you advance notice of papers to
be published.

* Articles available online in advance of hard copy.

* Speedy delivery of full text articles, either as postscript files, PDF files,
or as HTML files via the World Wide Web.

* Access to a fully searchable three year back file of papers, each one
obtainable either via FTP or the World Wide Web.

* Hot links from references directly to their Medline Abstracts

* Hot links from articles to genetic sequencing databases

* Annual database issue with live links. The first issue of NAR in 1996 is the
annual database issue, always the most cited issue of the year. The online
version of this issue will contain links to all of the databases described
which can be accessed via the Web.

Until January 1996, the prototype version of NAR Online is available for anyone
to visit at the following URL:-

Visitors to this URL will be able to browse the tables of contents and
abstracts of a number of recent issues of NAR, but will need to register in
order to access full text of the articles. Until January 1996, registration
will be available at no charge. After January 1996, you will need to be a
subscriber to Nucleic Acids Research in order to access the full text of
articles online.

For both individual and institutional subscribers, single user access to NAR
Online will be included in the basic print subscription rate to NAR.

Multi-user access within the library or throughout the campus site will require
the purchase of a site licence. If you are interested in the possibility of
purchasing a site licence for your institution, you should contact:- Journals
Customer Service Department, Oxford University Press, Walton Street, Oxford OX2
6DP, United Kingdom. Telephone: +44 1865 267907. Fax: +44 1865 267485. E-mail:

[From:  Richard Gedye <GEDYER@OUP.CO.UK>]