Journal of speech and hearing disorders John Lucas 12 Dec 1995 21:50 UTC

Subject:      Journal of speech and hearing disorders

I am posting this message to the list in hopes of gathering some information
about a problem I have with this title.

I have vol. 23, 1958 of Journal of speech and hearing disorders, with issues
1,2,3,and 5, missing issue no. 4.  Recently I was hoping to get a bound copy
of this volume, but received exactly the same issues I already had. Thinking
this was too much of a coincidence, I looked in the Current list of medical

In vol. 35, Feb. R-183, column 1, for 1959, there appears a note under the
no. 4 issue for this title that reads:

                "This issues does not contain material
                 within the scope of the current list."

The index in issue 5 does NOT list any of the pages contained in issue no. 4
(p. 325-558).

Does anyone have this issue, hopefully with a table of contents?  If indeed,
this issue, is out of scope, I would like to get a copy of the contents, and
annotate the volume so we could bind and put on our stacks.

Thanks to all

John Lucas
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