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Date:         14 Dec 95 09:29:14 EST
From:         "Karen Douglas"  <>
Organization: Jacob Burns Law Library
Subject:      Re: Vendors for Law Serials
To:           Lynne Murphy <MURPHY@LIB1.LAN.MCGILL.CA>, Multiple
              Recipients of SERIALST <SERIALST@UVMVM.UVM.EDU>

Lynne Murphy <MURPHY@LIB1.LAN.MCGILL.CA> wrote:

> I'm told that law titles aren't handled well by vendors.  Can anyone
> tell me the pros and cons of having vendors handle law serial
> titles?  Is there a difference? If so, what?
> Thanks in advance for any and all comments/ advice ....


I have found that to be true of mainstream vendors. We had our law
review and other legal serial subscriptions handled by Ebsco and I
don't think they did a good job. Many of our law review subscriptions
were behind and some has even been allowed to lapse.

There are 3 very good jobbers who specialize in legal serials. We
have switched all of the legal serials which don't have to be ordered
direct to William S. Hein Company in Buffalo, NY. They do an
excellent job. We also get a smaller number of legal items from Fred
B. Rothman in Littleton, CO. and William W. Gaunt & Sons, Inc, in
Holmes Beach, FL, who do well with providing international legal

Any one of these jobbers does a fine job of acquiring legal serials.
Hein is my personal favorite, especially because their customer
service department is SUPER.

Toll free 800 numbers for the above jobbers are as follows:

Hein - (800) 828-7571; Rothman - (800) 457-1986; Gaunt - (800) 942-

Hope this helps. If you need more information, please feel free to
contact me.

Karen B. Douglas
Acquisitions/Serials Librarian
Jacob Burns Law Library
George Washington University
202-994-2874 -fax

Date:         Thu, 14 Dec 1995 08:03:48 PST
From:         Andy Kohler - UCLA Law Library <kohler@LAW.UCLA.EDU>
Organization: UCLA School of Law
Subject:      Re: Vendors for Law Serials

I have found that many law titles, particularly university law
reviews/journals, are not handled well by large general serials
vendors.  However, there are vendors such as Gaunt and Hein who
specialize in legal periodicals.  Feel free to contact me directly if
you want their addresses or more details.

Andy Kohler / Serials Supervisor
UCLA Law Library