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CONSER Editing Guide (CEG) Update No. 2? Steve Savage 15 Dec 1995 20:43 UTC

I've been off Serialst for a while recently, so please excuse this
message if my question has already been raised and resolved:  I just
received Update No. 2 for the _CONSER Editing Guide_ (CEG) and think
I've found a problem.  The page of change instructions say to replace
C7, p. 3-4.  If I remove those and insert the update pages, I end up
not having items 1 and 2 of the list of authentication codes at the
beginning of page 3.  I checked to see if my copy was missing anything
from Update No. 1, but that didn't have any changes for section C7 at all.

Since the missing lines happen at the very beginning of page 3, it seems
as if changes on page 1 and/or 2 of the section were made, but there were
no replacement pages included in the update package for that.  Can
anyone confirm if I am indeed missing something, or if the new update pages
need further updating?

I guess this is just one (of many) of my own quirks, but sometimes I
think dealing with replacement pages for looseleaf manuals is even more
complicated than serials cataloging...

Steve Savage
Library of Michigan
Phone:  (517) 373-9439