Re: CONSER Editing Guide (CEG) Update 2 William C. Anderson 19 Dec 1995 16:10 UTC

From: Bill Anderson, CONSER Specialist <wand@LOC.GOV>
To: Serialst subscribers
Re: CEG Update 2

Thanks to Steve Savage for pointing out the error with section C7 pages in
update 2 of the _CONSER Editing Guide_.  It was a timely message as we just
delivered update 3 to the printer and included all of section C7.  The error
in update 2 was just a word processing error and there are no other changes
to that section in the update.  Add lines 1 and 2 from the replaced pages to
the new pages, then in March (hopefully) C7 will be replaced in its entirety.
Sorry for the inconvenience.