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From: madeleine.villard@gbpub.com
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 16:05:44 +0100
Subject: RE: Response to message from L. Hunter K

 >We would like to assure all readers that expressing public support for the
>open nature of discussions in Serialst is not a challenge for us.  In fact,
>we rely on Serialst for increasing our awareness of subscribers' concerns
>and questions needing resolve.  Our support of free expression is inherent
>in our industry.  It is within this context that we take exception to S.
>Jerome's communication, which makes false statements not only about Gordon
>and Breach, but also about the many research scientists who have published
>with us.  We believe that most readers and the moderators of Serialst will
>agree that it is simply wrong to use public forums to generate such
>misstatements.   We also expect a degree of fairness in these forums,
>especially since we respect their rejection of advertising-oriented
>Thank you.

Madeleine Villard
Gordon & Breach, Switzerland