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Use of Microfilm/fiche Printers? Suggestions? Tara R. Scholtz 03 Jan 1996 20:49 UTC

Now that the Fall semester is over & we've been able to take a needed
"breather" over here at the University of Maryland -- we've been wondering
how other libraries deal with lines (mobs?) of people at the Microfilm &
Microfiche printers.  This past semester has been extremely hectic for many
reasons and in order to keep our sanity we try to place several
"restrictions".  (i.e., only 5 reels of film per machine per time, one
person per machine, etc.)  What do the other public service serials
divisions do in order to maintain some semblance of control?

Also, out of curiosity, what do other libraries charge per copy (8 1/2"x11"
sheet of paper) for Microfilm & Microfiche printers?  For the record,
University of Maryland at College Park's McKeldin Library charges $0.15 a
copy.  For those with copycards, the cost is $0.12 a copy.  (The machines
are either 3M or Minolta.)

Please feel free to email me privately ( and, if needed,
I will summarize the results to the list.  Thank you for your input in this

 Tara R. Scholtz
       McKeldin Periodicals
 University of Maryland at College Park
 **If things are bad, send chocolate.**