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Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award--Call for Nominations Ron Ray 05 Jan 1996 21:07 UTC

Nominations for the
Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award

For yet another week, the AS ALCTS Committee for the Leadership in Library
Acquisitions Award is accepting nominations for the 1996 award.  The
committee is pleased to receive nominations by e-mail through January 13,
1996. Nominations need not be highly formal--simply note the nominee's
background in acquisitions and highlight their leadership accomplishments.
(If you e-mail your nomination, please also send a copy by regular mail.)

This award is given to recognize outstanding leadership in the field of
library acquisitions.  The individual must demonstrate achievement in and
contributions to professional associations, to the literature, to the
education of acquisitions professionals, and/or to the advancement of the
profession.  (One caveat:  According to ALCTS rules, current Acqs Section
Officers and Board Members are not eligible for nomination.)

In addition to the citation, the award carries with it a cash grant to the
individual recipient of $1,500, donated by Harrassowitz of Wiesbaden, Germany.

Please e-mail nominations to:

Trisha L. Davis
Chair, 1996 Leadership in
 Library Acquisitions Award
Head, Continuation Acquisitions Division
The Ohio State University Libraries
1858 Neil Avenue Mall 040N
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 292-6324
Fax:    (614) 292-2015