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Local holdings for incomplete run Jean Gorman 08 Jan 1996 19:26 UTC

Happy New Year, Everyone!

My supervisor is interested in finding out what others do in the
following situation.  She feels AACRII rules are not clear on this
point.  In your reply, please say if your library is automated and,
if so, which system you use.  Please send replies to me and I can
summarize for the list, if there's interest.

Situation:  You are updating a bib. record for a serial that has
ceased publication.  Your library does not have the full run.

1.  Do you note your library's holdings in the bib. record or the
check-in/holdings record?

2.  If using the bib., do you use the 300 field, the 362 field, or
both?  Please give an example.

3.  If you've bound your volumes other than one physical volume per
discrete volume, do you note it?  How?  Another example would be

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Jean C. Gorman
Serials Assistant
Vermont Law School Library
S. Royalton,  VT  05068