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From Latvia- recommendations wanted for book(s) to trans. to serial Birdie MacLennan 09 Jan 1996 19:41 UTC

Forwarded to SERIALST at the request of a colleague.  Please reply to Mara
Saula <> directly, since she doesn't subscribe to
SERIALST.  Thanks.  --Birdie

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Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 11:15:34 -0500
From: Mara Saule <>
Subject: Request from Latvia

Maybe you can help me:  I just got a letter from a friend in Latvia who
has the opportunity to work at translating an english-language book, to be
published in serial format, for a Latvian women's journal, "Santa."  She
can't find anything appropriate over there and wrote me for help.  You'll
get a kick out of the restrictions on the type of novel it should be, but
the request is serious.  The novel she wants to translate should be
"light, but not entirely light" whose main heroine is a "career woman with
feelings" (I think this means romantic yearnings or something like that)
of approximately 30-40 years in age.  The novel should be approximately
240-260 pages in length (not tiny print) that can be serialized pretty
successfully.  I'm looking for something along the lines of popular
literature.  Do any of you have any recommendations?

I do thank you for any help you can give.  And don't hesitate to pass this
request along if someone you know might be aware of a good novel like the
one described to translate in a series.

Thanks again.

Mara Saule