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Question about Newsweek numbering Laura Vogler 16 Jan 1996 16:39 UTC

Hello Everyone,

Quick question about the numbering of Newsweek.

        April 3, 1995 is v.125, no.13
        April 10, 1995 is v.125, no.15
        April 17, 1995 is v.125, no.16

I am assuming there is no v.125, no.14.  I have called Newsweek
directly and they didn't seem to know that there was a missing
number.  Also, the lady I spoke with connected me with their Indexing
department and the gentleman verified that there doesn't seem to be a
no. 14.  He told me I would need to talk to manufacturing to figure
out what happened.  (I have not done that yet.)

Has anyone out there noticed this irregularity?  Should we just
assume they just misnumbered the issues?  What did you do?

Laura Vogler
Periodicals Department
Lilly Library
Wabash College
P.O. Box 352
Crawfordsville, IN 47933