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Human Organization, delay in publication Judy Webster 16 Jan 1996 16:42 UTC

From:  Judy Webster <webster@AZTEC.LIB.UTK.EDU>

-----------------------------Original message------------------------------
 Date:           January 9, 1996

 To:             Human Organization's Institutional Subscribers
                                and Vendors

 From:           Benita Howell, Society for Applied Anthropology
                        Secretary and Chairperson of the Society's
                        Publications Committee

 Re:             1996 Publication Schedule

 Due to unforeseen difficulties in transferring the layout and formatting of
 Human Organization from one computer system to another, Editor Robert V.
 Kemper and I regretfully announce that printing and distribution of the
 Winter 1996 issue will be delayed by as much as four to five weeks. We hope
 that this prior announcement will help to minimize the inconvenience this
 delay causes you and your patrons.

 If you have questions about this announcement or other concerns about
 Society for Applied Anthropology publications, I would be pleased to
 communicate with you. I can be reached at the Anthropology Department,
 University of Tennessee-Knoxville, TN 37996-0720; by FAX at 423-974-2686 or
 telephone at 423-974-7797; or by

 We appreciate your patience in this matter.

 Thanks very much,


Judy Webster
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