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Re: Newsletters that "come with" another subscription John Lucas 16 Jan 1996 22:33 UTC

Hi Debbie:

We do get some "Newsletter, Tabloid" publications that we keep and put into
the collection.

It depends on the content of the publication that determines whether we keep
the publication for X number of years or if we keep permanently.  Also there
are some of these type of publications that do not come with another title
but we purchase.

Those that we keep permanently, we have looked at and determined that the
majority of its content has some lasting value.  We also consider keeping
those titles which are indexed in one of the major indexes (in our case
Index Medicus).  Those where the content seems to be "current events, or
time sensitive" we keep only some years and then discard

We use OCLC cataloging on all of our journal items.  This keeps the
bibliographic records as uniform looking as possible.  For those we keep for
X years, a simple 500 note is added.  We do not create any summary holdings
for these titles but do have the system create item records when the issues
are checked in.

John Lucas
Serials Librarian
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Jackson, MS 39206-4505

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