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Controlling usage (queues) at MFilm/MFiche Printers (Tara R. Scholtz) Marcia Tuttle 27 Jan 1996 15:36 UTC

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Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 14:34:00 EST
Subject: Controlling usage (queues) at MFilm/MFiche Printers

Back in the beginning of January I posted a query on SERIALST asking about
how other libraries handled large lines of people at their
Microfilm/Microfiche Reader/Printers.  Here at the University of Maryland
at College Park we were faced with lines of ten people or more waiting for
machines between 10am to 11pm during the peak times of the semester.
McKeldin Periodicals has 9 Mfilm printers, 3 Mfiche Printers & 2 Printers
which can be used for either Mfilm or Mfiche (often kept for Mfiche unless
the Mfilm lines surpassed 15 people or more -- which happened frequently
last year).  Our machines are a mixture of 3M and Minolta - the majority
3M at the moment.  We charged $0.15 a copy ($0.12 for those with copycards
[Danyl]) and only offer 8 1/2" x 11" paper. We do have many signs posted
limiting Mfilm to 5 per patron (no limit posted on Mfiche).

Since I posted my initial query, I have received 13 replies (Thank you).
And the results are summarized as follows:

Nobody who responded has encountered the massive quantities of people we
have been routinely experiencing.  Although suggestions were made to
provide more machines, I'm afraid McKeldin Periodicals only has room for
the 14 machines & cannot afford to purchase more right now.  We do supply
a large number of readers (15 Mfilm, 6 Mfiche) and they also experience
queues when the printers are all in use.

Of those who responded the following prices per copy were mentioned:
     One library charged 10 cents a copy (8 cents with a copycard)
     One charged 10 cents a copy (5 cents with copycard)
     7 libraries charged 10 cents a copy (one had a system I didn't quite
          understand - the more money put on a copycard the cheapher the
     2 libraries charged 15 cents (excluding UMCP)
     1 library charged 25 cents (older printers, still using chemically
          treated paper)

4 libraries limited usage at peak times to 15 minutes (no other time mentioned)
one limited amount to 4 microforms per person
& finally one library tries to provide a bound copy backup (note: UMCP tries
to do this when feasible, but the amount of mutilation which occurs to some
titles hampers such a project & this is impossible for newspapers).

 Tara R. Scholtz
       McKeldin Periodicals
 University of Maryland at College Park
 **If things are bad, send chocolate.**