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Call for Papers on Scholarly E-Publishing on the Internet (Charles Bailey) Marcia Tuttle 29 Jan 1996 13:08 UTC

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Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 12:19:16 CST
From: Charles Bailey, University of Houston <LIB3@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU>
Subject: Call for Papers on Scholarly E-Publishing on the Internet

The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, an electronic journal
established in 1989, is issuing a call for papers on scholarly
electronic publishing activities on the Internet.  The journal
has published a number of papers on this topic in the past, and
the editors are interested in exploring contemporary e-publishing
projects and perspectives.

Potential topics of interest include:

     o    State-of-the-art overviews of the e-publishing of
          books, journals, preprints, and other materials.

     o    Case studies of "second-generation" e-journals that
          utilize HTML; graphic images; Acrobat, PostScript, and
          similar distribution tools; search engines; and related
          discussion lists to overcome the limitations of ASCII
          text or to provide new capabilities not found in print
          publishing.  (Similar case studies about other types of
          scholarly electronic materials would also be welcome.)

     o    Discussions of how libraries are (or should be)
          integrating scholarly electronic materials into their
          collections (especially preservation issues),
          publishing or fostering the publication of these
          materials, participating in efforts to develop
          relevant standards and improved finding tools, and
          leading the way with digital library and similar

     o    Critiques of the rapidly changing role of copyright in
          the Internet environment and how it may influence the
          future of scholarly publishing for good or ill.

     o    Thoughtful position papers, manifestos, and calls for
          action that illuminate the potentials and perils of
          scholarly electronic publishing or suggest new

See the journal's home page (
for more background information about the journal, including
author guidelines.

If you would like to participate, please let me know and indicate
what target date you would like for submission (the journal has a
flexible publication schedule).  Papers can be submitted to
either the Refereed Articles or Communications (editor-selected)
sections of the journal.

(A Web version of this call for papers is available at

Best Regards,

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