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Re: volume #'s for Editor & Publisher (Meg Robinson Arnold) Marcia Tuttle 30 Jan 1996 14:00 UTC

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Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 08:39:51 -0500
From: Meg Robinson Arnold <ALI00MER@UNCCVM.UNCC.EDU>
Subject: Re: volume #'s for Editor & Publisher (Kathy Schmidt/Virginia Kreyer)

Beth wrote:
>>I have a question about Editor & Publisher. We received 129:1 dated
>>1/6/96 and 129:2 dated 1/13/96. Then the volume jumped to 130:3 dated
>>1/20/96. What gives?
>>In general, how do you all check in items when the numbers are off?
>>Do you wait to see if the publisher corrects things, or check in
>>the expected issue, or check in as is, with a note?

We generally check it in as it *should* be, with a note in the check-in box
saying it was misnumbered, unless it's a case where we could be missing
issues (rather than a misprint). If the misnumbering continues, things are
generally up in the air - often it falls to me to determine what to do when
I pull it to bind and have to come up with something to put on the spine.
That's generally when we start checking OCLC and how the publication is
cited in indexes, etc. By the way, according to our check-in, the Jan 13th
issue was misnumbered as v.130:2.


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