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Re: Chemical Abstracts (Judi Shaffer) Marcia Tuttle 31 Jan 1996 16:28 UTC

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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 10:20:02 -0600
Subject: Re: Chemical Abstracts (Rolly Harwell)

We did a serials review last year in preparation for necessary cuts this
year.  One thing our Chemistry Department really wanted to do was cancel
our subscription to the hard copy of Chem Abs and substitute online access
through Dialog.  However, they were told by the AMS that this would not
suffice for accreditation purposes so they decided to keep the

As I did not personally talk to the AMS and can only pass this on as
hearsay.  But, I would strongly suggest that you or your Chemistry Dept.
check this out very carefully.  You would not want to do anything that
would put the accreditation of the dept in jeopardy.

Judi Shaffer
Head of Serials and Document Delivery
University of Alabama in Huntsville