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RoweCom (Margo Warner Curl) Marcia Tuttle 31 Jan 1996 20:47 UTC

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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 14:43:30 -0500
From: Margo Warner Curl <mcurl@ACS.WOOSTER.EDU>
Subject: RoweCom

In reply to my posting about RoweCom I got several email replies, one
phone call, and some additional personal insights ...

I had the usual packet of info about RoweCom and had looked at their web
site, but for those who haven't, look at

Several people noted that the cost savings seemed quite attractive, and
that overall this seems like a solid product.

There are a number of concerns:

        1)Right now only a limited number of publishers have agreed to
receive payments and claims electronically, and also there are a very
limited number of libraries testing out the software.

        2)While RoweCom's software, Subscribe 96 can work in tandem with
Innopac, it is not a seamless interface and some of the data from one
system has to be reinput in the other.  For example, one would have to key
into Subscribe96 all of the titles; one would have to key into checkin or
order records reports from publishers such as "publication delayed."

        3) There is an added cost of $10 per title per year for each title
NOT in their standard catalog.  Will RoweCom be committed to adding these
titles to the standard catalog in the future?

        4) A major concern regards claiming - will publishers pay
attention to individual claims for issues? - how much local staff time
will this take? .. etc.  One respondent said "The second qualm I have is
that there will be very little help in resolving claiming problems.  Your
claim goes directly to the publisher, and if he choses not to answer or
respond, the problem will be dumped back on your dept to resolve."

My personal insight comes after reading the Subscribe 96 material for
publishers listed on the web site.  This product is very reminiscent of a
product developed by Faxon in the early 80's, called INFOSERV.  In 1984 I
was an intern at the then F.W. Faxon company, and did some market research
for INFOSERV.  I was also invited by SERIALS REVIEW to write an article on
the product - see "Faxon's Infoserv : an online tool for serials
collection development,"  SERIALS REVIEW 9(4):99-105, Summer 1985.


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