Serials holdings lists Sara Tompson 19 Feb 1996 20:43 UTC

Hi!  I'm looking for ideas, models for noting serials holdings, basically
bound volumes, in a patron-acccessible place, preferably an online catalog.

(I am new to this list, so if this topic has been a thread on this list
recently, sorry!)

We use the DRA (Data Research Associates) library automation system.
We are NOT currently using the DRA serials module, because we only have
about 200 titles, and because we do not route, so my predecessor, and I, have
deemed it more cost than benefit to key in all the subscription profiles.

We use a kardex for checkin, which works quite well.  However, our holdings
records are in two formats:  from 1976-1992, typed on shelflist cards, from
1992 to date, typed on extra cards in the kardex file.  The kardex is getting
crunched for space.  Plus, I really want the serials holdings information:  in
one place; and, online in some fashion, preferably in the online catalog.

How have other small/special libraries handled serials holdings?
How straightforward is it in various systems to barcoded bound volumes and
create item records for each, linked to a bibliographic record for the serial?
(I will probably have us barcode at some point, but again, would be a special


Sara Tompson, Library Administrator
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
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