Re: Re. Margo Warner Curl's comments on RoweCom Subscribe Patrica Hatch 05 Feb 1996 14:49 UTC

I, too, do not believe that Richard Rowe's response to Margo was
advertising. However, I do have a problem with how he responded.  If you
look at the message below, he refers to Margo's "concerns".

Why is the word concerns in quotation marks?  Does he think that these
concerns are not real?  That she made them up, somehow?  Why is it when a
librarian has a concern about something, it is regarded in this fashion?
If an investor in RoweCom had "concerns" about the company's product,
would Richard address his/her use of the word concerns in quotation marks?

As the folks most likely to use this product, I think we librarians have
the right to comment and to express any doubts we may have.  These doubts
are real, and have a real impact on our work, our budgets, and how we
organize our collections.  I certainly hope Richard Rowe takes these
"concerns" seriously, and does not view all librarians comments lightly.

My intention is not to start a flame war here, but I just find his
phrasing interesting.

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On Thu, 1 Feb 1996, Richard R Rowe wrote:

> In reply to Margo Warner Curl's message on SERIALST, I am pleased to
> address each of the five "concerns" she mentioned.  I hope these
> responses are satisfactory and look forward to responding to other
> comments and questions regarding Subscribe.  I can be reached at
> Margo noted comments from others about Subscribe's attractive cost
> savings and that Subscribe seems a "solid product."  I don't take issue
> with either of these points.  In addition, she mentioned a number of
> "concerns" about RoweCom.  ...

       [remainder of quoted text deleted.  -editor/bml]