Checkpoint Security System Barbara Eastland 05 Feb 1996 21:31 UTC

        I'm in need of some helpful suggestions regarding the Checkpoint
security system.  This is the situation:  we have never targeted loose
periodical issues (just bound ones).  We now would like to target
selected titles but the size of even Checkpoint's smallest targets makes
them stand out like sore thumbs, thus obviating the purpose of the target
and almost inviting the "little darlin's" to tear them off.

        These are the questions:  has anyone out there come up with a way
to utilize the checkpoint targets in a systematic way on loose
periodicals so that they are not so obvious?  Has anyone come up with a
clever way to do the difficult?  Where do you place the target?  Do you
encounter mutilated periodicals as a result of the little darlin's
tearing off the target?  Which kind of target works best?

        Hey, any suggestion, no matter how trivial, will be welcomed.
Reply on or off list.  I'll be forever in your debt!

Barbara Eastland, serials mgr.
Trexler Library
Muhlenberg College
Allentown  PA   18104