Smiling thru clenched teeth / Annals of Statistics Jeanette Skwor 29 Feb 1996 21:01 UTC

Subject:      Smiling thru clenched teeth

A blurb from an issue crossing my desk today:

(Title) "Volume 23, Number 5, October 1995.  Published quarterly by ..."

And the title/publisher?

The Annals of Statistics/Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

Guess it's really true what 8th-grade-educated, farmer dad told me,
"Sometimes people get all the common sense educated out of them."

Or is this the "new" new math?

:-)  Jeanette Skwor
Still smiling
(but the teeth are starting to clench). . .

PS: Goes without saying, perhaps, but anyone with any ideas about what to
do with it or how many "quarters" there are actually going to be from now