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This is more of a response to the following reply, rather than the original

I was given to understand that *multiple* security labels in a radio
frequency based security system were actually a bad thing.  When two labels
overlap each other - not necessarily on the same page - then they cancel
each other out, resulting in NO security.  For this reason, the library I
used to work for chose to switch to an electro-magnetic system (an example
of an E-M system is 3M tattle tape).  The library staff, after extensive
research and use of "expert consultants" decided that, although, both
systems had their strengths and weaknesses, the E-M system was better for
their situation.

Another point.  Does all this fuss and bother (and cost!) with security
systems really stop theft?  The security staff at the same library found
that they were only stopping 6 or 7 people per year with libray materials
(out of 1.4 million visitors) and most of them were honest mistakes.  The
security system did trigger quite regularly, but it was mostly by books from
other libraries.  More frequently, serials are subject to lost pages and
nobody can secure *every* page.  Perhaps the cost of your security tags
could be better spent replacing those few lost issues.

On Tue 6 Feb 1996 John Lucas <jalser@UMSMED.EDU> wrote:

>Although we do not use the Checkpoint system at this library, at my previous
>institution we did.  When it came time to reorder stickers. I did the
>    I ordered some stickers blank as they usually were.  On others, I had a
>reduced version of our institution stamp printed on the stickers by
>Checkpoint.  There was a one time charge for the creation, and these
>stickers then cost a little more.
>    For the volumes going through our binder, the blank stickers were sealed
>inside the back cover. Our institution stamp was inked over the security
>sticker in the back cover and was inked in the inside of the front cover and
>both flyleaves.
>   For prebound items, we used the printed version of the sticker on the
>back cover and inked the other cover and flyleaves as was usual.
>    For certain titles, we placed the pre-printed squares inside the front
>cover of every issue, AND stuck a blank one somewhere on the inside, trying
>to find either a partial blank page at the end of an article OR on an
>advertisement.  Our "want-to-be surgeons" might spot the preprinted square
>but would miss the blank ones inside the issue.

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