NOTIS Serials Module -request for info. Terry Schiissler 09 Feb 1996 16:52 UTC

Hello fellow SERIALSTs,

We here at the University of Regina use NOTIS as our integrated online
system.  We have not, however, implemented the NOTIS SERIALS module because
at the time we used the FAXON developed stand alone product (MICROLINX) and
were very happy with this product.  We still find that MICROLINX meets
our needs.  We also took into consideration a report by the University of
Kentucky Library indicating the advantages and disadvantages of the NOTIS
SERIALS module.  At that time the disadvantages outweighed the advantages
especially when compared to our stand alone system.

We are on the verge of having the NOTIS SERIALS module forced upon us.
My question is - has there been any improvement to the NOTIS SERIALS module
that would warrant a change on our part?  Is it still the same module
that has prediction problems in the past?  Basically I am searching
for arguments that say OH YES BY ALL MEANS GO FOR IT or OH NO YOU WILL
REGRET THE DAY YOU MAKE THIS DECISION (sorry for the shouting).

Please send your replies to my attention unless the moderator feels
that this information can be posted on the server.
  [note from the SERIALST moderator:  Terry, if you haven't done so already,
  you may wish to cross-post this message to NOTISSER, the NOTIS Serials
  List, at NOTISSER@UKCC.UKY.EDU  (to subscribe, send a message to:   that reads:  subscribe notisser <your name>).
  I'm not sure about subscriber overlap between SERIALST and NOTISSER,
  but know that there has been much lively discussion about the NOTIS
  Serials module, and other NOTIS-specific serials questions on NOTISSER.

Thanks in advance.

Terry Schiissler
Subscription Supervisor
Library Serials Department
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan CANADA
S4S 0A2
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