Arizona English Bulletin -request for info. Steve Murden 13 Feb 1996 22:51 UTC

I have a question about the numbering for the Arizona
English Bulletin.  Perhaps someone else has already contacted the
publisher and can save me the trouble.

The title is issued 3 times/year, Fall, Winter, and Spring.

For 1991-1992, we have the following:

     v.33:no.1 (1990/1991:Winter)
     v.33:no.2 (1991:Spring)
     v.33:no.3 (1991:Fall/Winter)
     v.34:no.2 (1992:Winter)
     v.34:no.3 (1992:Spring)
     v.35:no.1 (1992:Fall)

Does anyone have a v.34:no.1?  Since the issues on either side of
it are called "Winter," it seems likely that it was never issued.
I would just like to get this clarified.

Any help will be appreciated.

Steve Murden
Virginia Commonwealth University