Help needed: Fiji Times (newspaper) on microfilm? Stephen Lacey 13 Feb 1996 22:54 UTC

As a last resort I need to ask the help of all SERIALST subscribers and

For many years the National Library of Australia received microfilm of THE
FIJI TIMES from Bell & Howell Micromedia Division in London.  The supply of
this title stopped in the late 1980's with the supply of reels for October

I have tried to contact the publisher of the newspaper seeking information
on whether another microfilm company has been given the rights to microfilm
the newspaper but I have not had a response.  I also contacted UMI, who took
over many Bell & Howell newspaper titles in the 1980's, but the title is not
available from UMI.

Can anyone tell me if microfilm is still being published for The Fiji Times
and let me know who publishes it.

Please send all replies direct to me unless the moderator thinks otherwise.

Thanks in anticipation for any help that can be provided.

Stephen Lacey
Serial Orders
National Library of Australia