Oriental art -request for info. Anne-Marie Quets 16 Feb 1996 19:19 UTC

Subject:      Oriental art

There seems to be a problem with Oriental Art and our subscription.
EBSCO has not yet been able to elucidate it.  We have not received OA
nos 3 and 4, vol. 40, 1994 and no 3, vol. 41, 1995.  I put a request on
Backserv and received a message that these were not in the holdings of
Carl and Harvard either. I checked on the Artindex CD and they definitely
stop with the summer of 1994. Were these issues ever published or sent
out?  Are they coming out only 2 x/year? They do not mention this.

 Thank you so much for any light on this.

 Anne-marie Quets  amquets@velcome.iupui.edu