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Assistance locating journals for the EDUCATION INDEX Gary Klein (bear-at-heart) 01 Mar 1996 14:55 UTC

Subject: Assistance locating journals for the EDUCATION INDEX

     ALA/RASD's Wilson Indexing Committee is in the middle of reviewing
the titles nominated by librarians for inclusion in future issues of
H.W. Wilson's EDUCATION INDEX, and I need your help.

     I am a member of the Wilson Indexing Committee, and am having
difficulty in locating five  subscriptions that were nominated by
subscribers to EDUC INDEX.

     If you are familiar with any of these titles, I would greatly
appreciate it if you could contact me by phone or e-mail.

     I realize that many libraries do not enter their periodical
holdings into OCLC, so that these titles may be more popular than are
indicated by OCLC's World Cat (each title was listed as having less than
20 OCLC lenders owning them).

  ISSN #0847-0286
  since 1989
  8 issues per year
  published in Toronto, ON

  ISSN #0228-0914
  since 1982
  10 issues per year, circulation of 7,500
  published by Xancor Canada in Vancouver, BC

  ISSN #0843-1779
  since 1987
  6 issues per year
  published by British Columbia School Trustees Association in Vancouver, BC

  ISSN #1073-7499
  since 1990
  6 issues per year
  published in Detroit, MI

  ISSN #1065-464x
  since 1981
  published by Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, NC

     Thanks in advance for helping me & the subscribers to EDUCATION INDEX!

GARY KLEIN "not your average leathered librarian"
Hatfield Library / Willamette University / Salem, Oregon 97301 USA
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