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Back issues/exchanges for serials on the'net? compilation wanted Birdie MacLennan 01 Mar 1996 15:14 UTC

Hello.  I'm wondering if someone on SERIALST could be recruited to
compile a list of back issues and exchanges for serials services that
are available on the Internet ??

There have been several discussions about this topic on SERIALST (so
information about it can be found in the archives) -- but most of the
discussions have listed various sources here and there (piecemeal)
and, as far as I could tell from the archives, nothing has been
compiled into one neat and tidy listing.

For non-commercial, informal exchanges here in the U.S., I am aware
of DEU-L (Duplicate & Exchange Union List) and BACKSERV ... Are there
others? ... in North America or elsewhere ?

One of the reasons I would like to see a compilation is because we
still receive the occasional request to post someone's duplicate,
wanted, or unwanted serials list on SERIALST -- and rather than
simply telling people we don't post these kinds of messages, I would
like to be able to give them a listing (a non-partisan listing, at that)
to tell them where they *can* post these kinds of messages.

Two or three years ago, we wrote into the SERIALST Scope & Purpose
DUPLICATE, UNWANTED, OR WANTED SERIALS **" primarily because we became
concerned about the volume and mass of these kinds of postings taking
away from more general kinds of serials-content messages on the list.
Subsequently, other forums were developed to address this need.

I think it would be very useful if to see a compilation of such services
posted to SERIALST.  I'd also be interested in setting up a link to such
a list from the SERIALST home page (
so that people reading "trade or exchange of duplicate, unwanted, or wanted
serials" on the web page, might be able to point and click to a listing of
useful sources.

I'd work on compiling a listing myself, except I have been woefully
short on time these days. Is anyone else interested in taking this on?
Or does anyone already know of a compilation that's already "out there"
that I could point people to?

Thanks for any help or info.
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