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Title change for Scholastic coach and athletic director Charles Tremper 01 Mar 1996 18:47 UTC

We have been confused by the CONSER records reflecting the title
change from Scholastic coach and athletic director (OCLC #30834945)
to Coach and athletic director (OCLC #33998979)  Both records have
the note: Title from cover.  Dec. 1995 is given as the 1st issue
of the new title.  However, the Nov. issue has the new title on
the cover, but retains the former title on the masthead and
contents p.  Why is Nov. not the first issue of the new title?
Thanks for any clarification you can offer.

Charles F. Tremper
Head, Serials Unit and Serials Catalogue Libn.
Bibliographic Services Dept.
Syracuse University Library
Syracuse, N.Y.  13244
telephone:  (315) 443-9775