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shelving problem (Joy Kingsolver) Marcia Tuttle 20 Mar 1996 19:06 UTC

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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 11:43:27 -0600
From: Joy A. Kingsolver <jkingsol@SPERTUS.EDU>
Subject: shelving problem

Dear serials list members,

I am reorganizing the shelving at our library, and I was wondering how
other serials people handle this problem:  we have face-out shelving
for recent periodical issues, and wish to display both a newsletter and
a set of occasional papers published by the same institute.

Do most of you shelve them according to the name of the institute or
the individual names of the publications? Which will be less confusing
and increase access in the long run?

I am rather new in my position, so please pardon the elementary nature
of this question.

Thanks for your help!
Joy Kingsolver

Joy A. Kingsolver                               618 S. Michigan Ave.
Serials Librarian                               Chicago, IL 60605
Asher Library,                        
Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies