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Re: LDRs for Monographs (Kathleen Thorne) Marcia Tuttle 22 Mar 1996 18:12 UTC

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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 09:57:44 PST
From: Kathleen Thorne <KATHLEEN@SJSUVM1.BITNET>
Subject: Re: LDRs for Monographs (Jean Marie Taylor)

Our union list, ZCSU (the 19-20 campus system of California State Univer-
sities), certainly does NOT list monographs; in fact, at present we're not
encouraging the libraries to enter non-journal serials due to budgetary
cutbacks.  As an editor of a union list, I can't even imagine what a night-
mare of a load the addition of monographs would be.

Kathleen Thorne
Editor, CSU's ZCSU Union List of Serials
San Jose State University