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Re: New Leader Di Neumeister 25 Mar 1996 14:38 UTC

I thought New Leader's publication statement was more amusing than
frustrating until I started trying to figure out why my prediction
pattern (we have Horizon) for New Leader was so different from the
actual issues received by the end of 1995.

I discovered that New Leader had changed its publication pattern every
few issues in 1995!  Just get out your issues and look at that little
paragraph in each one: every one begins with "Biweekly except..." but the
exceptions keep changing! (And no, it never even comes close to being
truly "biweekly.")

Maybe the publication statement should include, "Publication pattern is
subject to change without notice."  ;-)

Diane Neumeister
Serials Asst.
Wahlert Memorial Library
Loras College

On Wed, 20 Mar 1996, Maria Joseph <m.joseph@MAIL.BETHANY.WVNET.EDU> wrote:

> While trying to set up a check in calender on SIRSI for the title "The New
> Leader" I came across something amusing/frustrating.
> According to the statement of ownership in "The New Leader," this title is
> published "Biweekly except monthly January through October, and no issues in
> April, August and November. Number of issues published 13." (from v.73, no.9)
> Seems to me that "The New Leader" should call itself a monthly, since December
> is the only month with biweekly issues. -- And you do the math, it only works
> out to 10 issues.
> Someone please correct me if you see this differenty. ...