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Missing and/or mutilated serials -Thank you for your responses Emiko Koyama 25 Mar 1996 14:50 UTC


I sent a query about missing and/or mutilated serials weeks ago.  I would
like to thank you who responded.  All of the comments are helpful for us
to see the situation more clearly.  In the messages, many of you mentioned
the better way to reduce theft or mutilation is to have all periodicals
together on the same floor with staff members.  Also, if photocopiers
are nearby, it is convenient for both patrons and staff.  The patrons do
not need to carry a pile of journals to somewhere else for photocopying, and
staff members are able to check machine condition (breakdown, short of paper,
etc,) more frequently.  Other ideas I got were: increasing shelving staff,
putting security strip on high demand unbound serials, having a closed stack
and so on.

Thank you again for helping us.

Emiko Koyama