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Haworth and Arttel -two questions Barbara Rauch 04 Mar 1996 21:12 UTC

Has anyone out there met with problems obtaining serials from Haworth

I have been told that they are over a year behind their publishing
schedule. Perhaps you know more than I do and can let me know if they
are likely to catch up and when.

For example, in June 1995 we received the January 1994 issue of
Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, nothing has come since. We are
constantly having to explain to clients why our holdings are so far
behind. If you are receiving better service I will have to put
pressure on our agent.

Also, how do you record this kind of information on your OPACS so
that clients are informed?

On another issue.

We are about to use Arttel (British Library Document Supply Centre)
for articles to satisfy ILL requests. We are not expecting to ditch
them but would appreciate comments from anyone who may be using it,
pros and cons, etc. Please reply to my E-Mail if you wish.

Barbara Rauch, Serials-Acquisitions
Auckland Institute of Technology Library
Private Bag 92006              
Auckland, New Zealand                 Ph:(09)307 9999 Fx:(09)307 9977