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Current issues display area Joan Kammerer 27 Mar 1996 19:42 UTC


The Allyn and Betty Taylor Library at the University of Western
Ontario serves the Faculties of Applied Health Sciences, Dentistry,
Medicine, Nursing and Sciences.  At present, this library maintains
shelving for bound periodicals as well as a separate area for the
current issues.  The issues are received daily and after processing
are placed on trolleys in no particular order in the clearance area
for shelving the next day.  There are several faculty who are daily
visitors to this clearance area.  Recently, there has been a request
from a group of concerned faculty to establish an area, more conducive
to browsing, for one weeks worth of current issue receipts (this could
number in the neighbourhood of 700 - 1000 issues).  The proposal
suggests that the issues be displayed on slanting shelves so that the
front cover of each can be seen.  At the end of a week, these issues
would be relocated to join their siblings.

I would like to hear about your experiences, both positive and
negative, in managing this type of arrangement -- the amount of staff
time required, the method of identifying issues for the different
areas, the physical display, etc. etc.

Please send your comments directly to me rather than to the list and I
will summarize your responses.

Thank you in advance for your interest in this concern.

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