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Journal shelf planning software Roger D Brown 28 Mar 1996 20:31 UTC

In January I wrote to this list asking if anyone had knowledge of any shelf
planning software to assist with library moves/consolidations.
Many list members requested such details should I find anything, but one
person suggested the following company:-

4635 Highway 92
Powder Spring, Georgia 30073
voice 800-942-4043
fax 404-261-6963
Contact:  John Moore

Their product is called Shelf Space Manager. Price is $599. A demonstration
diskette is available which shows the functions available.

Whilst I (or my company) cannot recommend this product for anyone else, it
appears to be the only product on the market that satisfies our requirements.
I hope this will be useful information for those others who expressed an
interest in this topic.

[From:  Roger D Brown <Roger_D_Brown@SBPHRD.COM>]
10 Jan 1996 Roger D. Brown wrote:
> I am responsible for the library collections in our four pharmaceutical
> libraries in the UK.  In November this year we are moving most of our
> collections into a new central library, with parts of each of these
> collections needing to be merged together. (80% of our collections are
> serials - hence the posting to this list)
> In the past we would have planned the stock arrangements with the help of
> paper lists and spreadsheets. This is laborious and not very accurate.
> Does anybody know of  any software that would enable us to test various stock
> arrangements on our shelving plan? All we have found so far are warehouse
> inventory systems costing many  K's.  ...