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Peer reviewed journals Birdie MacLennan 29 Mar 1996 17:05 UTC

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Date:         Fri, 29 Mar 1996 14:19:21 GMT+1000
From:         Robin Scrivner <RSCRIVEN@BLIB.MIT.CSU.EDU.AU>
Subject:      peer reviewed journals

Hello to all,

I am trying to ascertain whether there is some publication which
lists  journals which have been 'peer reviewed', or 'refereed'.   An
international listing of peer reviewed journals (regardless of publication
format) would be ideal.

Any replies on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Robyn Scrivener
Periodicals Librarian
Charles Sturt University-Mitchell
Private Bag 45
Phone: (063) 384850  Fax: (063) 384600

Editor's note:  On Tuesday, 26 Mar 1996, there were three messages posted
to SERIALST re. how to find out whether or not a journal is (or was) peer-
reviewed.  I'm appending an excerpt from one of the messages.  More
discussion about this topic is, of course, welcome.  However, some
related information is available in the SERIALST archives.
Date:         Tue, 26 Mar 1996 10:30:10 EST
From:         Kate McCain <MCCAINKW@DUVM.BITNET>
Subject:      Re: Refereed Journals
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 26 Mar 1996 10:15:54 EST from

Two comments on determining the refereed status of journals:
1.  Ulrich's and EBSCO's Serials Directory are useful, but not complete.
2.  There's nothing like calling the editor of the journal (or former editor--
who you can identify by calling the publisher if you don't have the relevant

I speak from personal experience -- I recently had to work through a list
of somewhat obscure journals to determine their peer-reviewed/refereed status
as part of a tenure decision discussion.  I used Ulrich's, The Serials
Directory, and called publishers and editors (particularly fun when the journal
titles have ceased).  I had some nice chats with people and was able to get
some information that would not have been readily available--since our library
like so many others has cut lots of titles.

Kate McCain