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Re. Materials Engineering (3 messages) Birdie MacLennan 29 Mar 1996 18:27 UTC

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Date:         Fri, 29 Mar 1996 11:22:46 -0600
From:         Gayle Van Auken <vanaukeg@LHL.LIB.MO.US>
Subject:      Re: Query about Materials Engineering

Donnice Cochenour wrote:
>We want to bind the final volume of _Materials Engineering_   (0025-5319)
>which died with V. 109 (1992).   We have pieces in-hand through V. 109, no.
>11, November, 1992.   The publication was a monthly and we've tried to
>obtain the December, 1992 issue.   Our vendor checked their records and
>suggested that  Vol. 109, no. 11 was the final issue for this title.
>However, we can find table of contents information for V. 109, no 12 on
>UnCover.   When the library identified as holding this issue was contacted,
>they were unable to locate their copy.
>Can anyone verify  that  V. 109, no. 12 (December, 1992) exists for
>_Materials Engineering_?  ...


The only issue we have received for MATERIALS ENGINEERING (December 1992)
is an unnumbered issue called, "Materials Selector".  There is a goodbye
message from the editor on page 1, which states that, "Materials Engineering
has discontinued publication as of its November issue."

Hope this is helpful.

Gayle J. Van Auken
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Date:         Fri, 29 Mar 1996 09:47:43 -0700
From:         Elizabeth Boyson <alieb@GEMINI.OSCS.MONTANA.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Query about Materials Engineering
Comments: To: Donnice Cochenour <DCochenour@VINES.COLOSTATE.EDU>

Regarding Materials Engineering

We have a copy of the December 1992 issue.

It is a 8 1/2 X 11 glossy unlike the oversize newspaper edition the other
1992 monthly editions are.
The cover reads

December 1992                   A Penton Publication

Applications in Design / Manufacturing R & D



There is no volume numbering in the issue.
The running title has the December 1992 date on every page.

I *HOPE* this is what you are looking for.

Elizabeth Boyson                       Phone:406-994-5305
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Date:         Fri, 29 Mar 1996 11:24:03 EST
Subject:      Re: Query about Materials Engineering

The 12th issue is the 1993 Materials Selector issue which we did receive.
Hope that helps,
Brad Coon                             If you are not living on
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