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Re: New Leader (Michele Rankl) Ann Ercelawn 05 Mar 1996 14:26 UTC

Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1996 11:54:35 +0900
From: Michele Rankl <rankl@TEMPLE.GOL.COM>
Subject: Re: New Leader -request for info.


We have not received any later issues.  At first I thought it was our
supplier's fault but the fact that you are having problems too makes me
think more along the lines of a delay in the publication schedule instead

Thank you.

Michele Rankl
Serials Librarian  >< Temple University Japan ><

On Mon, 4 Mar 1996, Jeanette Skwor wrote:

> The last issue of The New Leader we received was vol. 78 #8 (Oct. 23, 1995)
> on December 19th.  Has anyone received later issues?