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Annuals as Periodicals? (Patricia Thompson) Ann Ercelawn 05 Mar 1996 19:28 UTC

Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1996 13:18:46 -0600
From: Patricia Thompson <pthompso@SERAPH1.SEWANEE.EDU>
Subject: Annuals as periodicals?

I apologize if this subject has already been discussed on this list.

We are doing some planning for periodicals relocation, reevaluation of our
classification policies.    We have traditionally used the annual frequency
as a cut-off for periodicals.  Anything annual or less frequent gets
treated as a standing order, and not a periodical.

In the last few years we have been asked to treat some annuals as
periodicals.  The rationale behind this is that some annuals are indexed
the same way that periodicals are used, and the frequency should not
dictate how they are treated.  Also, some of the annuals we've been asked
to treat this way are are newsletter type publications.

I would like to know  what the general consensus is on this issue.  I do
know that the statistics we report to various groups ask for periodicals
vs. standing orders, and that the annual frequency cutoff is helpful in
getting this information out of an automated system.  Also, having the
cutoff does not require each title to be evaluated by someone familiar with
that field in order to decide how it is treated.  The serials staff feel
that as long as the call number and location are clearly indicated in the
catalog, the user will be able to find the books, even if they are
intershelved.  We want to keep users needs satisfied while keeping our
processing procedures as streamlined as possible.

I would appreciate any insights from people who have already developed
policies on this issue.  Thanks!

Pat Thompson

Patricia R. Thompson
Technical Services Librarian
duPont Library
University of the South
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