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DEU: Paper vs. Electronic (Linda Tilly) Ann Ercelawn 05 Mar 1996 22:10 UTC

Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1996 16:02:48 -0500
From: Linda Tilly <tillyl@TUVOK.MARIAN.EDU>
Subject: DEU: paper vs electronic

Hello fellow SERIALSTers!

This is my first time sending a message to a list, so here goes....

Our Library is currently participating in the DEU (Duplicate Exchange Union)
to obtain periodical issues missing from our collection.  We are considering
joining the electronic DEU instead and I was wondering how many of you have
already made that switch and what your experience has been?  Do you prefer
the electronic over the paper?  Do you participate in both?  Any drawbacks
or hidden problems with the electronic process?  It appears to be a great
means of sharing duplicate materials, but I would like to hear some comments
from actual participants.    There is a DEU-L (which I haven't joined yet),
but I know you SERIALSTers will be able to impart a great amount of wisdom
on this subject!

Thank you for your input!

Linda Tilly
Linda S. Tilly
Assistant Librarian
Marian College Library                     (317) 929-0344
3200 Cold Spring Road                   (317) 929-0263 FAX
Indianapolis, IN  46222                    email: