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Re: Annuals as Periodicals? (Kathleen Thorne) Ann Ercelawn 06 Mar 1996 16:45 UTC

Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1996 13:28:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Kathleen Thorne <KATHLEEN@SJSUVM1.BITNET>
Subject: Re: Annuals as Periodicals? (Patricia Thompson)

In reply to Patricia Thompson:

We too have always had a policy that annuals were treated as standing
orders, not as periodicals; however, if a selector requests that a specific
title be cataloged as a periodical (because of use, because of indexing,
or even because it meant it was included in our list of periodicals and in
the union list of periodicals our system has), it has been cataloged as a
periodical.  Note that the <routine> handling keeps everything streamlined,
but the exceptions can be handled without much hassle.  It's entirely up to
the selector to ask for special handling or an exception to the rules, we
do not routinely require them to make a decision.

Surprising how seldom it happens; but when it does, there's a procedure in
place for handling it. I don't know if it would work everywhere, but it
does seem to keep life simple here (and the public service folks are soooo
pleased that we've been gracious enough to oblige them... builds karma....)

Kathleen Thorne
Serials Cataloger In Exile
San Jose State University